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"Your self-care challenge literally changed my life and I'm so thankful. I went from working 5 days a week to 3.5 instead. I'm traveling more with my family, working out and making conscious decisions about what makes me happy. I raised my rates and I'm turning clients away! Thank-you." ~ Joy P., Attorney

"I am so grateful to you, Chris for creating the 21 day self-care challenge. I've seen amazing results in my life since starting. My vision for living my true passion has come to fruition, and I am so excited for things to continue to unfold." ~ Erin P., Young Living Leader

""I finshed the book I've always wanted to write." ~ Barb B., Blogger

"I started taking time for myself regularily, and new busienss partners started showing-up everywhere! In the yogurt ailse in the grocery store and even on the plane!" ~ Christine S., Arbonne leader

About Chris

Chris Atley is an award winning coach, speaker and bestselling author. She has been featured on various media outlets such as Bloomberg Radio, Fox, ABC, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and Saturday Morning TV Foundation. 

Chris is known for her ability to help others shift their belief systems and realize the many limits in their lives, are merely perceived. She helps people step into their greatness, make empowered decisions and create the results and life they desire. In her speaking, coaching, products and events, she illuminates the pathway and then provides the guidance for walking it. Canadian-born, Chris now resides in her dream location - a cozy beach town in Southern California with her husband, two children and dog Roxy. She personally understands the unique challenges professionals experience in juggling work and family. 

Chris also sits on several advisory boards where she lends her wisdom and love for philanthropy. Her skill, wisdom, and charisma draw rave reviews at lectures, conferences, workshops, and universities in the United States and Canada. 

Are you ready to learn how to say no with ease, work smarter not harder, and have more time and abundance in your life? Make this commitment to yourself and I'll lead the way xo 

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