Change Your Life 21-Days at a Time!

I'm ready to elevate my income, health, wealth and relationships. 

Global Circle

 The purpose of this circle is to... 

  •  Transform negative thinking 
  •  Be held accountable for your vision 
  • Create Inspired Business Results

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing how he thinks” ~ Oprah

According to researchers, as much as 77% of what we say to ourselves is negative! I’m a huge believer in what we put out comes back, so what does that say? No wonder why most business owners aren’t really creating the results or a life they love. The interesting part is most people don’t even realize what thinking and energy they’re putting out. Most of it is unconscious.  

The subconscious mind is the operating system for everything we do. It’s where our beliefs lie, and our beliefs dictate how we see the world, how we make decisions and the action (or inaction) we take. Therefore directly effecting the results, or lack there of, we’re seeing in our lives. 

The subconscious mind wants you to stay safe, and putting yourself out there to run a business does not feel safe, even though the alternative of not growing isn't safe either! We therefore need to change the beliefs that are operating this powerful system, to more empowered beliefs and those rooted in abundance. We need to use our conscious minds to control what we accept into our subconscious mind. 

This involves awareness 

We can reprogram our subconscious mind with new empowered thoughts and beliefs, by constant repetition and consciously deciding what we are accepting to be true. This is why analyzing current beliefs systems is so powerful, i.e. what do we believe about money and success, and people with it? If you believe people with money are too cool for school, arrogant and selfish – as I once did deep down – then you will not see the success you say you’re wanting because you do not want to be that type of person deep down. It’s against your value system.

My life completely changed! 

After I spent a gazillion dollars learning how to run a business, not getting to the next level, and left feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depleted, I realized I was the common denominator in the equation and took a good look at what was going on inside. After digging out the limiting beliefs that were really living in my subconscious mind – I was blown away! – I was able to grow my business 10 times the amount in just 10-months! This was after plateauing for four years! It was this deeper work that enabled me to finally get out of my own way. I moved from Canada to California, where I now live in San Diego with my family in a beautiful beach town, which had been a lifelong dream come true! I do yoga, take meetings and client calls from the beach, and take time to meditate every morning. This is ALL because I did the inner work and took a stand for my big dreams. I created the income, and structures in both my business and personal life to support this lifestyle. I also continue to study, grow and learn. AND the best part is supporting my clients to bring their big dreams and income goals to fruition too!! Here's a pic of my family after a surf session :-)

And so the 21-day Self-Care Challenge was Born… 

This is why I started the 21-day self-care challenge. It was divinely inspired, and I've known for a long time this is one of the secrets to success. I knew it was needed, but didn't know how needed. People were literally stopping to take time to drink their coffee hot. Others wrote the book they had been putting off, reduced their business hours and started charging more, and others making more time for what mattered - like their kids. I was blown away and just knew we eneded to continue on this type of support. And thus the Global Circle was born. 

First, what you put out comes back, so if you are stressed out and overwhelmed, you will get more of that back in your life. If you’re relaxed and happy, you will get more back in your life to be happy about (i.e. results, outcomes and experiences). Second, we created repetition over and over and over again. Self-care was at the forefront of the participants’ minds and they were reprogramming their subconscious mind deep down with thoughts of, “I am worthy enough”, “I am important enough”, and “I give myself permission to do what I love” AND that is why they started seeing such phenomenal results! They in essence started changing their belief system to one of love and abundance. We do the same in this circle, 21-days at a time. You are the gardener of your life. Plant seeds that lead to fulfilling your big goals and dreams. Take the time and effort to keep the weeds out.  

My heart is full!

"I am so grateful to you, Chris for creating the 21 day self-care challenge. I've seen amazing results in my life since starting. My vision for living my true passion has come to fruition, and I am so excited for things to continue to unfold.”

~ Erin P.


"Holy Sh*t! Today has been a whirlwind of flow and abundance and receiving!!!! An awesome lead popped into my email box so similar to the one I invited into my experience just last night and it's moving FAST already!! Thank-you for your leadership."

~ Jo-Anne B.

You can expect to...

  • overcome isolation
  • squash the overwhelm
  • overcome worry and doubt 
  • transform anxiety, fear and resentment
  • let go of fear and judgement 
  • reprogram negative thoughts into positive
  • put yourself first in order to be better for others 
  • take a stand for your dreams
  • make empowered decisons
  • trust yourself and your intuition
  • increase your conenction to the universe and tap into that guidance
  • make a quantum leap in your business!

What gets to happen when you step into the highest version of yourself, who is empowered, resourceful and unstoppable?

Well, you will...

  •  create inner peace
  •  take inspired action to create a meaningful life you love 
  •  elevate your income, health, wealth and relationships 

Pretty empowering right? 

It may sound simple, but success in life comes down to our thoughts and how we manage them. According to research, 90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before! Let’s break this circle, and create new beliefs, thoughts and habits, 21-days at a time.

* Your Monthly Program Includes *

  • Daily inspiration delivered to your in-box for 21-days every month. Each month will focus on a different theme hand-picked to help you let go of heavier energy, and shift negative thinking and old patterns that are keeping you stuck and overwhelmed. We've done the research so that you don't have to.  
  • Weekly lessons via video that include powerful intention setting, meditations, manifestation exercises, NLP techniques, the odd hypnosis and other inspiration. 
  • Monthly group connection sessions via video conference, where there will be the opportunity to interact with me and other members live around the globe. You will receive coaching around your challenges and benefit immensely from the guidance others receive.  
  • Private global facebook group to connect, create and celebrate! This support alone is a game-changer!

* Please note this does not involve adding anything else to your calendar, it’s simply about focusing on empowering thoughts and incorporating these new thoughts into who you are BE-ing trhoughout the day. You will in effect create different experiences and therefore different results :-) 

“Chris has access to deep wisdom and a very empathetic and aware understanding of your goals and challenges – and best of all, that wisdom is translated into redefining your own success.” 

~ Scott Harrell

Global Insights...

Chris is an incredible coach and a beautiful, blessed light of a human

 "I am so thankful for your leadership and this group of women.” ~ Sarah Thompson, Health & Wellness Entrepreneur -

I asked Santa for more clients!

"About 12noon pst an opportunity to connect with a potential new client arose. Happy Dance!" ~ Tammi M. (after our distance Reiki healing session at 11 am) 


 "This is the best program I’ve ever been a part of. It’s with this focus on my mindset that has allowed me to create the results I’m experiencing. I couldn’t have done it without you all.” ~ Dana F.

I changed my state. 

“I got reminded of letting go, do my best and accept how it is right now and decide to decide. I did this and got calm, and faithful again. I'm very happy I could get to that state when I don't know so much about the future. It is a little miracle. And then tonight I got an e-mail with an assignment to do careercoaching with a person and also got one call with some different possibilities about work. The receiving came so fast, I'm so surprised! And filled with joy. I also got booked for an interview to see if I can help a company with some HR. I am so thankful for this group." ~ Gunilla A.

*Special Bonuses"

  • Monthly Reiki healing sessions: Imagine the entire group conecting, not physically, but energetically at the same date and time around the globe. To heal and remove energetic blocks preventing you from being your best self, so that you can do the very best work in the world. * Reiki is a Japenese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The Reiki Practitioner is able to send healing energy accross space and time.
  • You are also going to receive a special training that I did on the subconscious mind for a private group, that you can listen to right after you register.


“Thank-YOU for helping me get to this point. Honestly you have been amazing with helping me push through my sh*t. I can’t even explain my gratitude for you!” 

~ Jennifer Sinclair

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not seeing how this circle can truly benefit your life and business at the end of 30-days, then we're happy to refund your monthly payment (or annual fee if you paid in advance). No questions asked. We want you to be happy and to thrive xo

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